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;;A;; NOOOOOO WHAT HAPPEN TO THE VOCALS ON HERE?! VEGAS LIKE...BUTCHERED IT OR SOMETHING NOOOOO *CRIES* TAT Welp, ono No way I'm re-rendering this //slapped TAT)9 Hey, if you complain about it, don't blame me. It sounded nice with headphones on, and...well, idk. Just shush and listen to the quite beauty of this chorus. 
But like ouo) Yo, long see? 8D Ahaha not sure I should say THAT but yea, I haven't uploaded awhile \o\ Aside from my little test animation lol. Sooo, I had this chorus planned out a while back. BUUTT I was waiting for Firefly Chorus to update their description. It took a bit loooooooooooooonger than expected but that's okay~ We're all busy ovo)/ No need to hate about it. I came up with this idea because of Firefly's BEAUTIFUL job well done on this song *A* So I thought, might as well make one right BD /omoIblameyouguysforthis*jk*/
This was going to be a BIGGER chorus....but ( =v=); That didn't work out as well...So I had to cut back on some singers and this is what I got. Now there are other yt choruses /euelikethemanchorusversion/ with another. I was thinking maybe of adding one of the NND chorus, buuttt~ let's share the love for the youtaites. Yeah? OvO)b
Watch in HD and listen with headphone *^*)9 But uh 8D Make sure the volume isn't like full blasted or it might kill your ears like it did with mine LOL otl
I uh...just realized I forgot to put コゲ犬 's name in the video 8D;; Oops. QuQ)9 Kogeinu is in this too! I don't know why this didn't catch my attention earlier though |D

orginal: GUMI 「sm15230821」
music & lyrics: 40mP 《mylist/7975931》
illustration & movie : たま《mylist/8994160》
mastering : madamxx《mylist/6063263》 
vocals: GUMI, あにま, ENE, 松下, Φ串Φ, クノール, ぱにょ,  まふまふ, コゲ犬, ham, 暗黒,  ステラ, Gin, Shiroko,  ジンヒー, Amour, miyu, Tohru, 甘いと, menolly, ななみ, Uta, Rimi, ying, Skylark, アポル, こうせい, Kyo, List, Xephy, AELITA, 藍微,  カレット, Cherri, Chiika, ehmz, カゴ, k*chan, ケンタ, Luna, Mara, Michi, Nami, 秋記
mix & video & encode: シナノ《mylist/33626265》
ouo)/ Down below are the YouTube choruses I used in this chorus.
【16人】 firefly ★ garden  【シリョクケンサ / Shiryokukensa】
【6男合唱】 シリョクケンサ 【Happy Birthday, Kuri~n!】
Mixing Assist/Script: Katie (
Script/Messages: Ritz (
Art (Vocalists): Razephyr (
Video/Art (Misc/Staff)/Script: Kenta (
シリョクケンサ/ Eye Examination【14人+1コラボ】
Organized/Video: Kenta
Mix/Graphic Editting: Kchan
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