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I sometimes wonder. Why do we cry? Logically you can prove it with all the cool science stuff and all.
Haven’t you ever just wonder, “Why do I cry for this?”
“What is making me cry??”

It’s always been a question of what and why.
But what if we ask “how?”

“How did these tears get here?”
“How does this make me cry?”
“How come this just hurts?”

Ever tried that? Aha, I haven’t either.

Sometimes when we cry, humans always cry on the outside.
Which is more noticeable than how others cry.
And it’s nice to cry on their face because then they can have the comfort they want and need.

What about those who…cry inside??
It’s harder to notice of course, and humans tend to ignore it more easily.

“Tears aren’t coming from my eyes, so why am I crying?”

In my opinion, humans are emotionally unstable every day.
Yeah sure we laugh and smile, can those be what we call “tears”?
True I maybe thinking about this too much.

But think about it. Ever had that one friend who looks sad and hurt as heck, and you ask them “Are you okay?”
“Is everything okay?”
Sometimes if we’re lucky we get people to tell them what’s weighing their hearts down to make them cry.

But then, there are those who can pretend everything is fine.

“Yeah, everything is fine! Don’t worry about it.”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll be fine.”

It’s understandable if they want to keep them a secret or its very personal.
I’m like that because its personal to me and I’d rather not bother people with my problems.

Sometimes people like me are crying in front of others.
Not noticeable tears, but the tears within us.

It’s hard and lonesome when we cry alone.
It’s painful to cry inside and for no one to notice them.
And it makes it hard to keep those happy tears with the sad tears we cry.

So, next time someone is sad or hurt and they won’t tell you why,
Just hug them and say “It’s alright to cry now. I’m listening to you.”

It could really make those tears of lies disappear from their inside.

Try it.

I know I want someone like that for me.
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