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Dec. 29th, 2012 03:39 pm
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 Is it bad that I fell in love with you again?

It can't be right? I mean, you are the one drawing me to love you again.

I thought I got over these feelings, but I guess not.


My heart can only think of you.

My mind is always wanting you.

I'm always waiting for you to come.

I'm just wanting you again.


Is that bad?


I know I shouldn't fall in love with you, but even so

my feelings cannot be contained. 

It's everything about you that is drawing me back again.

I know I shouldn't fall in love with you, but you're making all these feelings come back.

And you're making it more easier to fall in love with you each time we talk.


I want to be more closer to you.

Even though our distances are far, I know our minds and hearts aren't.

But even so, I know you're in love with someone else.

I know you love her too, but sometimes I want to question; would you have wanted to go out with me?


Selfish? Greedy? Arrogant? Ironic?

Call what you want, but no matter what, I'll always have these feelings for him.

I don't want them gone because it's these feelings that are keeping us tied.


No matter what happens, I want to keep you with me.

Stay by my side, and hear me when no one else can.


I don't want you to disappear yet. 

Not yet.

At least, not right now.

Stay forever.

And never leave me.

Is that too much to ask?


We started with a simple "Hello"

and I don't want to end with a hurtful "Goodbye"


Your voice soothes everything in me.

My pain.

My feelings.

My heart.

My soul.


I want you to stay.


Even if you don't want to accept these feelings of mine, that's okay. matter what, I just want to keep things the way they are now.


So I'll ask again.

Is it bad that I fell in love with you again?

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