Sep. 11th, 2012

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=v=);; I've just been caught up with school work and everything that I haven't had time to post on here often....FFFF--Actually in reality I've just been lazy to post on here LOLOLOL //slapped and shot ; v ; But no like, I have been busy. 8D I've posted some of the choruses I've mixed and posted on here. But like I haven't posted any poems, stories, or like ovo; updates / blog of my life 8DD eve; I'll get that going on again lol It would be a better effect if I had like a webcam or like a digital camera to take pictures to show you guys the stupid doodles I do at school during class when I feel like not paying attention to the teacher BD Smart person here, Ikr. AND YET I continue to question myself ono How do I do so well in school yet bs everything and not really pay attention during class lectures and doodle away in my notes LOOOOL BD ovo; Idk, I'm a weirdo like that guys lol BD YEP. THE BIGGEST BSER YOU'LL EVER FIND AND YET SOMEONE THAT PASSES HER CLASS LIKE IT'S NOTHING. Messed up person I am here ovo)b GJWIOGJWEIO but like uhmmmmmmmm yea getting back to topic of the line BV

But like during the doodles, I sometimes write poems and stories in my binders when I really don't pay attention =v=; man you guys should see my American History notebook. OMG. It's filled with so much scribbles of my signatures and doodles and like IDK ANYMORE LOL Plus, you guys know waaaayyy back on that one post, that I do not remember when I posted on, where I said I was planning to write "You and A Beautiful World" story BD AWH YEAHHHHH!! That story is coming along...slowly orz ; v ;) I can't really put time at home to write the story because 1) I'm just plain, PLAIN, lazy to have self determination to do it and 2) >V I BLAME SCHOOL WORK //slapped

ouo) Sometimes if I actually do finish like a poem or super short story at school that I do when not paying attention, I'll post them here \o\ Even if they're private ovo I don't mind. >v>); I think I still have some from last year that I could probably post. And like others that I can dig through my piles of paper that are like SUPER old but like BD I'll find and post them on here. ovo I'm a sucky writer B( I KNOW THAT. But do keep in mind I'm a writer in progress. Sometimes I write on here to let out feelings from life. Like stress, sadness, joy, etc. etc. Generally I kind of don't care if it's private of my feelings. But if I feel like these updates / blogs are too private I won't post it of course B(

If during this week I can find those old stories / poems from last year and the years before, I'll post ;w; Though I'm sure not a lot of people read this blog BUT OH WELL *CHUCKS BOOKS AT THEM* This will get noticed...soon orz

ovo I just ranted didn't I? LOL That's another thing about me guys, I WILL RANT EVERYWHERE 8D If you follow me on Twitter, I rant so much that I even created bots to rant for me when I'm not on BWA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA! BD (Bleach reference here)
o vo yea, I know those bots are very weird if you follow me. (◕▽◕)o彡゚ That's why, GO FOLLOW ME //SHOT jk don't, I'm on private and I only allow certain people follow me if I know they're not spammers and.... ovo;; yeah lol

<(╹Д╹)/ Yeah I think that's enough ranting now lol But like expect (hopefully) posts and more updates in the future from me!


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