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; 7; You guys don't know how much I love this song <3I found out of this song from ume's version and oh my lord QwQ HOW MUCH I FELL IN LOVE THIS IS SAD / LOVELY / HEART MEANING / KIND / *insert other words here* TO DESCRIBE THIS QuQ And if you followed me on Twitter ovo I posted the full mix on there AND my blog BD So start stalking me (not really) if you want to hear more of future mixes when they're done /o/~ And there ar e no awkward volume issues ( e n o ) say there is and I'll....jab you with my unicorn because there really is one near the end ; 7; IT SOUNDED GOOD WITH HEADPHONES! D= HONEST. So that's why......GO LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES *^*)9!! AND WATCH IN HD!

original: 初音ミク 「sm16844849」
music & lyrics: Harry〈mylist/25784464〉
guitar: Yoshinobu Nakamura & Naoki Harashima
arrangement: KaiseiP
mix: YoP 〈mylist/25421336〉
illustration & movie: Rumina〈mylist/26765031〉
movie instruction & encord: ty-oi〈mylist/25500381〉

atU →『sm17075198』
ろめろ →『sm16867274』
KK →『sm16914730』
にっとメガ →『sm18498331』
初音ミク →『sm16844849』

mix & video & encode: シナノ〈mylist/33626265〉

*^*);; I forgot to link ume's version of this song

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( >w> Just copied and pasted it from youtube 8D )

(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) After like rending this video like 89057854895490 times to get the volume right, the end results was worth it! (´ω`★) So proud of this! And I've got to say! This is probably the most HD video I'll ever render in my life \( `.∀´)/ Just wished the subtitles came out nice looking like the video though orz ovo Yes, I did add subtitles. Why? PSH How should I know BD //slapped
( ̄ー ̄)Got this idea to mix a chorus like this after listening to Firefly Garden's chorus of this song 8D SO PRRUTY AND AGJEOIJEWO MY FEELS LOOOL //slapped =v =)b In fact, I DID mix them in this chorus too BD I'm sure they'll feel special or something lol .  .  . idk xD
/BTW/ ; 7; )/ I do hope the volume is okay. You guys have NO idea how many times I've had to keep changing the volume |D ;v; Listen with headphones and watch in HD mkay min'na? Q VQ I'LL LOVE YOU IF YOU DO GUYS!
=v =) Mp3 down in the bottom of this box~
Nico Douga Link: ( Mhhhmmnnn....I'll debate about that LOL //slapped )
original → 初音ミク ( sm15034898 )
music & lyrics → 青木月光〈 /user/22601884 〉
オリジナルPV → sm16662618
Illustrations → ばず 〈 mylist/20105443 〉
video → 84yen 〈 mylist/22452145 〉
mix & encode & subtitles → シナノ 〈 Shinano15  〉
vocals → minty, ❄NiKä, 水縁無憶, 菜乃, 結月ゆかり, エルロン, ほんこーん, SARA, sunsea, Wendy, 紅, 初音ミク, 音レンserious, IA, KAITO, 波音リツ, 結月ゆかり,  nanami,  Shiroko, ジンヒー,  Skylark,  Tohru,  XJ_90, ham,  暗黒,  cyan,  やまかん,  月夜,  はづき,  那桜様, 蜜花様
Firefly Garden Chorus ver →
vocalist channels
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XJ_90 (Jenny)
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