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It’s alright, it’s okay.
I’m just a clown you’ll find me anywhere
In a circus in your heart
I’m a nameless pierrot

Riding on a ball like the one up in the sky
Did you know that it took me some time go get used to this.
Falling on the ground it isn’t a mistake
If you could be entertained, alright then my work is done

Sat in the crowd girl there you were why are you covered in tears?
I Couldn’t take my eyes off you’ve stolen my heart in a flash
Allow me to wipe off all the sadness the tears Mom and Dad had never noticed
My heart is yours, as long as you dont cry.

Its okay, you’re okay.
Its worth to lose everything to see you smile
All the pain can dissappear nothing for you to fear

Its alright, I’m alright
Its worth for me to be treated like a loser
Standing on top a little sphere, my name is Mr. Pierrot ;)

The voice that you squeezed out as you cried to me
“Untruthfulness is killing me and I cant stand it.”
“I swear that I would never lie to you baby,”
Again and again rain of tears dropped from your eyes.

Boy show me what you really look like beneath the happy face
Show everything you’ve felt you’ve though you’ve ever wanted to express

Give me a reason to feel your pain
Tell me the nightmares you’ve been seeing
My heart is yours, as long as you’re not shy.

Its okay, you’re okay.
Theres nothing wrong with you without a smile
Promise me you’ll never lie, never hide your sighs

If you cry, can I cry?
Take away every fear you’ll ever fight
Hoding your hand tight in mine, I’ll stay by your side

Let me smile, when you smile
I love every story in your life
Will you take me for a ride
Love me day and night?

It’s okay, you’re okay
Its worth to lose everything to see you smile
All the pain can dissappear
Nothing for you to fear


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