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;;A;; NOOOOOO WHAT HAPPEN TO THE VOCALS ON HERE?! VEGAS LIKE...BUTCHERED IT OR SOMETHING NOOOOO *CRIES* TAT Welp, ono No way I'm re-rendering this //slapped TAT)9 Hey, if you complain about it, don't blame me. It sounded nice with headphones on, and...well, idk. Just shush and listen to the quite beauty of this chorus. 
But like ouo) Yo, long see? 8D Ahaha not sure I should say THAT but yea, I haven't uploaded awhile \o\ Aside from my little test animation lol. Sooo, I had this chorus planned out a while back. BUUTT I was waiting for Firefly Chorus to update their description. It took a bit loooooooooooooonger than expected but that's okay~ We're all busy ovo)/ No need to hate about it. I came up with this idea because of Firefly's BEAUTIFUL job well done on this song *A* So I thought, might as well make one right BD /omoIblameyouguysforthis*jk*/
This was going to be a BIGGER chorus....but ( =v=); That didn't work out as well...So I had to cut back on some singers and this is what I got. Now there are other yt choruses /euelikethemanchorusversion/ with another. I was thinking maybe of adding one of the NND chorus, buuttt~ let's share the love for the youtaites. Yeah? OvO)b
Watch in HD and listen with headphone *^*)9 But uh 8D Make sure the volume isn't like full blasted or it might kill your ears like it did with mine LOL otl
I uh...just realized I forgot to put コゲ犬 's name in the video 8D;; Oops. QuQ)9 Kogeinu is in this too! I don't know why this didn't catch my attention earlier though |D

orginal: GUMI 「sm15230821」
music & lyrics: 40mP 《mylist/7975931》
illustration & movie : たま《mylist/8994160》
mastering : madamxx《mylist/6063263》 
vocals: GUMI, あにま, ENE, 松下, Φ串Φ, クノール, ぱにょ,  まふまふ, コゲ犬, ham, 暗黒,  ステラ, Gin, Shiroko,  ジンヒー, Amour, miyu, Tohru, 甘いと, menolly, ななみ, Uta, Rimi, ying, Skylark, アポル, こうせい, Kyo, List, Xephy, AELITA, 藍微,  カレット, Cherri, Chiika, ehmz, カゴ, k*chan, ケンタ, Luna, Mara, Michi, Nami, 秋記
mix & video & encode: シナノ《mylist/33626265》
ouo)/ Down below are the YouTube choruses I used in this chorus.
【16人】 firefly ★ garden  【シリョクケンサ / Shiryokukensa】
【6男合唱】 シリョクケンサ 【Happy Birthday, Kuri~n!】
Mixing Assist/Script: Katie (
Script/Messages: Ritz (
Art (Vocalists): Razephyr (
Video/Art (Misc/Staff)/Script: Kenta (
シリョクケンサ/ Eye Examination【14人+1コラボ】
Organized/Video: Kenta
Mix/Graphic Editting: Kchan
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O ^ O This is the results of boredom and spare time. Plus this is what happens when I've listened to a song for 5 billion times. And to be honest BD; I'm not sure if you would call this a chorus, that's why there is a question mark after 合唱 CUZ I HAVE NO CLUE IF YOU CALL THIS MIX OF MINE A CHORUS OR NOT 8'D O7O YOU ALL SAW THIS CHORUS / MIX COMING
o7o Uhm...yea, I think that's it.
original: GUMI ・鏡音リン 「sm18623327」
music & lyrics: みきとP @mikito_p_〈mylist/19099704〉
illustration: ヨリ @Yorimen〈mylist/21982659〉
movie: りゅうせー @ryuuseee〈mylist/7985102〉
engineer: 友達募集P @tomobop〈mylist/22904031〉
GUMI & 鏡音リン →「sm18623327」
kradness →「sm18666119」
松下 →「sm18677534」
ゆいこんぬ →「sm18728143」
エコ →「sm18667806」
そらる & ろん →「sm18813526 」
りせは&31(みぃち) →「sm18795800」
mix & video encode: シナノ @_Shinano_〈mylist/33626265〉
⇓ ⇓ ⇓

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I'm sorry I was always selfish all the time. I'm sorry for being a silly, crybaby girl. I'm sorry. But even so, I still love you more than anyone in this world. Even now I still love you.

Back then, we used to walk home from school. The usual setting sun scenery was always there when we did. We held our hands. Hand in hand, and usually at that time. I'd always notice your shadow was slightly bigger than mine when we held hands. The next day, and the day after school I used to believe that whenever I stretched out for you, you'd reached back to me like I always did for you.

Or so I thought. But, I guess I can't satisfy you with how I am. But without you! I'd couldn't keep on living! So, I'm sorry I liked you! But I can only like you and only you. It's the only thing I can do. You are my everything. That is why I sing, hoping that all this will reach you! I need you to keep living! If possible, I'd want to make you smile once more. Your smile would always brighten up my days no matter what I was thinking about.

Back then, I said I didn't like you or your personality. We fought about it, but then I begun to realized I didn't like it, I loved that part of you. And, it was the truth. Whenever I was awake, or was just dreaming you'd always stood in front of me. You were always by me. My world was just filled with you. Always.

If the white clouds are a stoplight, then it can be easily be crossed. Suddenly my inside became backwards. The water spilled and you can't cry over spilled water. But...the tears that came from the water...Who's was it? Why do these appear from...?

"I'm sorry." Why are you apologizing...? What is that water that falls from you...? Why are you crying! You must be joking...Why aren't you saying "Lets start again"? What are you talking about...? How am I a burden? What do you mean by "You're a burden"? Am I not giving you enough love...I'll fix it! Just let me restart again!! I can give you more love! Always! Just let me restart with you again! I'll fix my problems and...and do it proper next time...

But somehow, I knew from the beginning...that you never liked me. I knew all of that! And yet I...! I still love you! Please...don't abandon me...! Please!! Don't leave...I'm sorry I was stubborn! I'm sorry I was stupid and was a crybaby! I'm sorry, but even now! No matter what happens, I still love you more than anyone else!!

Forgive me!

Stay by my side! You don't need to love me back now...
One day, I'll make you love me again. With your true feelings...
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 I walk towards the city
Brightly color scene from above
The hand which should be fastened to mine, 
Has now escaped from my hand.
The time we met, my heart resounded
Feeling the warmth of your embrace,
The traces of your smell, begin to fade away
Within the dream, are repeated voices
Letting emotions be snatched by the darkness
Until then, I'll wipe away my tears and smile
For all this time, just this once, I'll wait for you
Moving quickly from that time
Our backs touching each other,
We gazed up into the sky, with the stars floating
Gently enveloping us in gentleness
Countless fragments of memory,
Were lost that day,
The shape of memories, do not fade even from my sleep
Began to vanish to the ends of the night sky
The overflowing feelings, begin to soar
Painting the sky in a sorrowful hue
But within my hear; the flaming desire exists
For just this once, I want to see you.

The flowers begin to bloom, the seasons changes but,
I am presently inside a dream
Until then, I'll wipe away my tears and smile
For all this time, just this once, I'll wait for you


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