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Everyone says, true partners are devoted to loving their partners and protecting them. At first I thought those were just really fairy tails that everyone believed in, especially girls. But, my thoughts completely changed ever since that day that Yuka did for me.

We were going very fast on a motorcycle. Yuka was the type of guy who loves thrill, but me on the other hand hated thrill. "Yuka! Slow down! You're going too fast!! I'm scared!" I screamed aloud to him.

"Mina, this is fun! Come on, you gotta let loose every once and awhile!" He shouted back to me sounding all excited.

"Yuka...You know I'm afraid of going fast! Especially on motorcycles! Yuka! Please! Slow down! This isn't fun! And this isn't what you call letting loose...this is dangerous!"

". . ."


"Then tell love me."

"Huh!? Yuka! Of ALL times why must you be saying--"

"Mina...tell me you love me, and I will..."

"...I love you...Now, can you please slow down!"

"Give me a hug, and I will..."

"Yu-ka!! Please! This is getting sc--"

"Mina. Please."

"Huh...? O-okay..." I really didn't know how to give him a hug when we were already hugging on the motorcycle, so I just held onto him tighter. He snickered softly, and spoke aloud to me again. "Mina, take of my helmet. It's getting to hot in here. I need some air. Would you mind taking it off and putting it on you?"

"Huh!? Why!? You're the driver Yuka! Don't be saying such stupid things like that...!"

"Oh come on," he laughed cheerfully, "A guy needs fresh air! Just take it off and wear it, kay?"

Doing so, I did what he told me. Even though we were going very fast, I was able to put on the helmet without falling off. Once having the helmet on, I asked Yuka once more, "Yuka...Can we please stop now! We're going to...t-to...YUKA! WE'RE GOING TO CRASH! STOP!" I could see something far in the distance, and we were heading straight towards it. I held onto him tighter and screamed at him to pull the breaks before it's too late. I cried. I screamed. Scared for my life, I kept thinking to myself, I don't want to die! I don't want to die yet! Not yet! Not yet!!

As we got closer, and closer to the object, Yuka whisper to me quietly, "Mina. I love you."
Everything went blank.

I awoke in the hospital later. Wondering what happen. Looking around worried, I see my mother. I get up aggressively, I lost my balance in the process where my mother had to help me get up properly. Once regaining my senses, I ask my mother. She looks at me sadly.

"Mina..." ,she held onto my hands tightly, "Yuka...Yuka, he...he didn't make it..."

"...What..? Wh-what do you mean...? Wh-what happen mother?! Yu-yuka he...he...!" She grabs hold of my shoulders and shake me to awake into reality. I didn't know what came over me at that moment, but tears began to ran down my cheeks. My mother hugged me tightly and petted my hair and continued.

"The impact was far to great to the Yuka's body...The speed the motorcycle was traveling at, Yuka took the most impact than you did. Though you have some injuries, your live wasn't taken like...Yuka's was..." ,she held onto me more tighter than usual, "The...the motorcycle's brake failed at some point of your guys travel...And I'm sure...I'm sure Yuka knew that very well..."

Mother began to cry. I couldn't tell if she was crying because Yuka lost his life, or to the fact that...He saved mine when he could have saved his own. I was lifeless at that point. I couldn't feel. Breathe. But think. knew that the brakes were broken...That's why!! I held onto my mother tightly as she held onto me. Tears began to flow faster. It started to hurt to think.

After being released from the hospital, Yuka's funeral went about. Naturally being his lover, my family and I were invited to attend. I really hate funerals. Why? Because it's sad. Everyone is crying. sad...But they never really affected me much because I didn't know what it felt like to loose someone...Or, rather I use to didn't know...

"Mina," father whispered to me as we entered the doors "It's okay to let it out. Everyone feels the same."

I slowly stepped up to the casket that held Yuka's flesh. Everyone stared at me, everything went silent as I walked up. As I got closer and closer, the air had gotten rather tight. It was harder to breathe than it was before. Hesitating, I placed my hand over the glass that separated me from Yuka. I begun to shake. Tears began to flow down me. My vision got blurred as I slowly placed my head over the casket.

"You didn't tell me...You knew didn't you...!" I began to chock and cry aloud, "So why!? didn't want to scare me did you...Yuka! You idiot!! Idiot!!" I shouted and cried out aloud. Slowly I gently banged the glass and shouted. "Stupid! Stupid!! Stupid!! Stupid!! Stupid!! You stupid idiot...! You stupid...stupid...idiot...!!"

My father came up behind me and hugged me tightly I as I can hear him trying to hold in his own tears. My mother was beside me hugging me too. That was the rest of the funeral day for Yuka. thinking back on it more properly, half way day Yuka realized the breaks weren't working. He just didn't want to tell me so I wouldn't freak out. Though I'm pretty sure he was freaking out just as I was. So, before he died he wanted me to tell him I loved him. Hug him. One final time before he died. And when he asked me to put on his helmet. He wasn't needing to get some air, he was protecting me from dying.

"True partners are devoted to loving their partners and protecting them." Sometimes, I ponder. Will I ever meet a true partner devoted to loving me and protecting me like Yuka?


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