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O ^ O This is the results of boredom and spare time. Plus this is what happens when I've listened to a song for 5 billion times. And to be honest BD; I'm not sure if you would call this a chorus, that's why there is a question mark after 合唱 CUZ I HAVE NO CLUE IF YOU CALL THIS MIX OF MINE A CHORUS OR NOT 8'D O7O YOU ALL SAW THIS CHORUS / MIX COMING
o7o Uhm...yea, I think that's it.
original: GUMI ・鏡音リン 「sm18623327」
music & lyrics: みきとP @mikito_p_〈mylist/19099704〉
illustration: ヨリ @Yorimen〈mylist/21982659〉
movie: りゅうせー @ryuuseee〈mylist/7985102〉
engineer: 友達募集P @tomobop〈mylist/22904031〉
GUMI & 鏡音リン →「sm18623327」
kradness →「sm18666119」
松下 →「sm18677534」
ゆいこんぬ →「sm18728143」
エコ →「sm18667806」
そらる & ろん →「sm18813526 」
りせは&31(みぃち) →「sm18795800」
mix & video encode: シナノ @_Shinano_〈mylist/33626265〉
⇓ ⇓ ⇓

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There was once a scientist, who lived all by himself. He was never alone forever, he once had a younger sister live with him. But, his sister was very fragile, sick with an unknown disease. The scientist was sadden. He was tired of being all alone. So the scientist began to work. Creating his life's creation.

He devoted time and energy into his work, creating his work to be like a "human." Years went on. Researching every day. Little sleep, working all night. When finally...his devoted time and effort, had came. He created his life's creation. A robot girl. A robot like human. Only scientists would call a "miracle."

But, even if this was his creation, even though this robot girl can do tasks beyond human. The scientist felt, and saw, that the robot girl was missing something. Something that couldn't be created easily by man. Something humans would call, a "heart." With little time left, the scientist began to work. He began to create a program.

As time goes on, his life got shorter, and shorter. The robot girl didn't understand. "What is it that you are trying to build master?" she asked the scientist. The scientist stared at her with sorrowful eyes and said, "One day...Just one day, you will see...just wait for it...and you will understand."

Those where his last word to his creation.

The program hat begun to install, the robot girl had "received" her HEART. She tried to comprehend the program that was left, but too much was being gather. She began to tremble, tears began to run down her eyes, her HEART began to beat. She began to realize, her true reason for being created.

"He must have been sad, being all alone like this...I wasn't created for mankind's reason, I was created for his life...He was all alone...Sad...It must have been painful Master...It was truly a miracle being put onto this world. Thank you, thank you for creating me. Thank you for all the time we have spent together. Thank you for giving me my HEART. Thank you for everything you have done for me. Thank you...! I will keep living until my was truly a miracle...Thank you."

Singing her final words, the robot girl began to malfunction. Falling upon the ground, she lays there. Lifelessly. But upon her face there was a smile. She smiled happily, like an angel.


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