Light Fade

Dec. 29th, 2012 03:39 pm
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 Is it bad that I fell in love with you again?

It can't be right? I mean, you are the one drawing me to love you again.

I thought I got over these feelings, but I guess not.


My heart can only think of you.

My mind is always wanting you.

I'm always waiting for you to come.

I'm just wanting you again.


Is that bad?


I know I shouldn't fall in love with you, but even so

my feelings cannot be contained. 

It's everything about you that is drawing me back again.

I know I shouldn't fall in love with you, but you're making all these feelings come back.

And you're making it more easier to fall in love with you each time we talk.


I want to be more closer to you.

Even though our distances are far, I know our minds and hearts aren't.

But even so, I know you're in love with someone else.

I know you love her too, but sometimes I want to question; would you have wanted to go out with me?


Selfish? Greedy? Arrogant? Ironic?

Call what you want, but no matter what, I'll always have these feelings for him.

I don't want them gone because it's these feelings that are keeping us tied.


No matter what happens, I want to keep you with me.

Stay by my side, and hear me when no one else can.


I don't want you to disappear yet. 

Not yet.

At least, not right now.

Stay forever.

And never leave me.

Is that too much to ask?


We started with a simple "Hello"

and I don't want to end with a hurtful "Goodbye"


Your voice soothes everything in me.

My pain.

My feelings.

My heart.

My soul.


I want you to stay.


Even if you don't want to accept these feelings of mine, that's okay. matter what, I just want to keep things the way they are now.


So I'll ask again.

Is it bad that I fell in love with you again?

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 In this world, there are many things we can say to one another.
It can vary to many things such as hate, love, sadness, anger, and more.
But it all just ends up being lies to us all.
Words of love can be turned in to words full of lies in each and everyone.
Words of kindness can turn into lies with hate and anger.
Words of lies can hurt others.

" I love you " are full with lies within.
Words can leave marks within, not without.
To say without meaning is more hurtful
than to say with no meaning at all.

Cherishing empty beliefs.
Gasping onto false hope.
Smiling on unhappy events.
Crying in the darkness alone.
Forever inflicting painless pain.

Everything begins to fall into the bitter deep ends.
Wishing for anew, the prayers of ours never will be answered.
Forever wanting to be happy.
Wishing and believing into nothingness of the empty, dark, cold world.
All words are words of lies.
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 She is evil as the new queen could.
What comes forth, I will love her.
We’re sad twins who could not be as one, they wish for us.
All was ruin the point in turn we were cut from each other.
I could still love you, even if the whole world was your foe. . .
Now the land of your will have to come to an end
By the hands of our own kin.
If we well claim to this, then I’ll take on part of comes.
“ Hear out, change into my clothes and run from here.”
“Why?” you ask
“It’s fine. . . we are two of a kind, sure as can be, no one will find out.”
Looking at you cry, I cannot help but be sad to see her like this.
No choice, I will care for my other self . . .with mine life.
Once upon, a girl in power of world
Age of her 14
One with chair
Now it has came for the claim
It is held at 3 o’clock
Each person lie in wait for me die in place of my lady. . .
For final words, I realize that hour was. . .
“Oh, look. . . .it’s time  for tea, isn’t it?”
Last words, given to dear my twin.
Lives on
I’m sorry,
Please grin for me . . . once more
So next  time, we are found
I’d play with you . . .again . .
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 To reach, to pray
these calls that I make
are forever in silence
they once again shatter

I stand here once again
looking left to right
gazing upon nothing
seeing a monochrome world

A colorless world,

The smiles I smile everyday,
are just for image, a show
A display
Nothing more.

Happiness can never reached
my heart again
It was there once,
but not it's forever gone.

Everyday, a prayer is made,
All is heard but mine

 To reach, to pray
these calls that I make
are forever in silence
they once again shatter

The echos that are made
within my voices fade
in a monochrome world

The calls never reach
my voice fades.

Days going by, slowly hearing
a ticktock of a clock
Time began to stop
in the world.

People move onward toward nothingness
We don't have reason to live in the world,
rather we find the reasons to 'live' in this world
Opening, and closing to a colorless world

To reach, to pray,
these calls that I made
are forever in silence
They once shatter again

My voice begins to fade slowly
The calls of my prayers shatter
Away into this monochrome world!

Empty World

Jul. 4th, 2012 06:57 pm
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 I used to be able to smile
I used to be able to laugh
I had everything I thought
I could have
But it was
all a 

I don't exist anymore
No character
or personality
Just a hollow body

Feelings don't exist in me
that much
All that's left to feel
is all the negative
parts of life.

I may have a name
But it means nothing
to my eyes or heart

I pray I have some
But in reality,
I don't.

The world is cruel
Indeed it is
But even so,
I can't stand
how alone I'm always am

It's painful
It hurts
and scary.
I don't like this feeling.
But everyone no
longer sees me anymore

I cry alone to get
rid of my loneliness
hurt myself to forget
But never works out

In the end,
I'm just a
life no one
cares about
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He told me he was like the river at the stream. 
A stream that flows strongly like his mind and heart. 
Upon the water, the river flows endlessly to another of others. 
Swaying and drifting the parts of life with it. 
Just like him. 
He approached me swiftly and gently with a contact.
He was the reason I was able to become stronger. 
Being able to have different experiences. 
Smiling gracefully at my dull life, laughing beautifully at every moment. 
He was the one to showed me, the world. 
The color of his personality is bright as his aurora hair. 
Crazy style and mixed, it was all like the stream. 
Mixed gems, rocks, and items, his stream was different from all the rest. 
Though short time, he showed me many things as I can see in the stream. 
Hardships came across us like a bristle cone. 
Forever hard in the shell until new season. 
Love approached us fast as elegant snow whispering at night with the wind. 
But left us with the moment of pain and lost.


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