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Everyone says, true partners are devoted to loving their partners and protecting them. At first I thought those were just really fairy tails that everyone believed in, especially girls. But, my thoughts completely changed ever since that day that Yuka did for me.

We were going very fast on a motorcycle. Yuka was the type of guy who loves thrill, but me on the other hand hated thrill. "Yuka! Slow down! You're going too fast!! I'm scared!" I screamed aloud to him.

"Mina, this is fun! Come on, you gotta let loose every once and awhile!" He shouted back to me sounding all excited.

"Yuka...You know I'm afraid of going fast! Especially on motorcycles! Yuka! Please! Slow down! This isn't fun! And this isn't what you call letting loose...this is dangerous!"

". . ."


"Then tell love me."

"Huh!? Yuka! Of ALL times why must you be saying--"

"Mina...tell me you love me, and I will..."

"...I love you...Now, can you please slow down!"

"Give me a hug, and I will..."

"Yu-ka!! Please! This is getting sc--"

"Mina. Please."

"Huh...? O-okay..." I really didn't know how to give him a hug when we were already hugging on the motorcycle, so I just held onto him tighter. He snickered softly, and spoke aloud to me again. "Mina, take of my helmet. It's getting to hot in here. I need some air. Would you mind taking it off and putting it on you?"

"Huh!? Why!? You're the driver Yuka! Don't be saying such stupid things like that...!"

"Oh come on," he laughed cheerfully, "A guy needs fresh air! Just take it off and wear it, kay?"

Doing so, I did what he told me. Even though we were going very fast, I was able to put on the helmet without falling off. Once having the helmet on, I asked Yuka once more, "Yuka...Can we please stop now! We're going to...t-to...YUKA! WE'RE GOING TO CRASH! STOP!" I could see something far in the distance, and we were heading straight towards it. I held onto him tighter and screamed at him to pull the breaks before it's too late. I cried. I screamed. Scared for my life, I kept thinking to myself, I don't want to die! I don't want to die yet! Not yet! Not yet!!

As we got closer, and closer to the object, Yuka whisper to me quietly, "Mina. I love you."
Everything went blank.

I awoke in the hospital later. Wondering what happen. Looking around worried, I see my mother. I get up aggressively, I lost my balance in the process where my mother had to help me get up properly. Once regaining my senses, I ask my mother. She looks at me sadly.

"Mina..." ,she held onto my hands tightly, "Yuka...Yuka, he...he didn't make it..."

"...What..? Wh-what do you mean...? Wh-what happen mother?! Yu-yuka he...he...!" She grabs hold of my shoulders and shake me to awake into reality. I didn't know what came over me at that moment, but tears began to ran down my cheeks. My mother hugged me tightly and petted my hair and continued.

"The impact was far to great to the Yuka's body...The speed the motorcycle was traveling at, Yuka took the most impact than you did. Though you have some injuries, your live wasn't taken like...Yuka's was..." ,she held onto me more tighter than usual, "The...the motorcycle's brake failed at some point of your guys travel...And I'm sure...I'm sure Yuka knew that very well..."

Mother began to cry. I couldn't tell if she was crying because Yuka lost his life, or to the fact that...He saved mine when he could have saved his own. I was lifeless at that point. I couldn't feel. Breathe. But think. knew that the brakes were broken...That's why!! I held onto my mother tightly as she held onto me. Tears began to flow faster. It started to hurt to think.

After being released from the hospital, Yuka's funeral went about. Naturally being his lover, my family and I were invited to attend. I really hate funerals. Why? Because it's sad. Everyone is crying. sad...But they never really affected me much because I didn't know what it felt like to loose someone...Or, rather I use to didn't know...

"Mina," father whispered to me as we entered the doors "It's okay to let it out. Everyone feels the same."

I slowly stepped up to the casket that held Yuka's flesh. Everyone stared at me, everything went silent as I walked up. As I got closer and closer, the air had gotten rather tight. It was harder to breathe than it was before. Hesitating, I placed my hand over the glass that separated me from Yuka. I begun to shake. Tears began to flow down me. My vision got blurred as I slowly placed my head over the casket.

"You didn't tell me...You knew didn't you...!" I began to chock and cry aloud, "So why!? didn't want to scare me did you...Yuka! You idiot!! Idiot!!" I shouted and cried out aloud. Slowly I gently banged the glass and shouted. "Stupid! Stupid!! Stupid!! Stupid!! Stupid!! You stupid idiot...! You stupid...stupid...idiot...!!"

My father came up behind me and hugged me tightly I as I can hear him trying to hold in his own tears. My mother was beside me hugging me too. That was the rest of the funeral day for Yuka. thinking back on it more properly, half way day Yuka realized the breaks weren't working. He just didn't want to tell me so I wouldn't freak out. Though I'm pretty sure he was freaking out just as I was. So, before he died he wanted me to tell him I loved him. Hug him. One final time before he died. And when he asked me to put on his helmet. He wasn't needing to get some air, he was protecting me from dying.

"True partners are devoted to loving their partners and protecting them." Sometimes, I ponder. Will I ever meet a true partner devoted to loving me and protecting me like Yuka?
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There was once a scientist, who lived all by himself. He was never alone forever, he once had a younger sister live with him. But, his sister was very fragile, sick with an unknown disease. The scientist was sadden. He was tired of being all alone. So the scientist began to work. Creating his life's creation.

He devoted time and energy into his work, creating his work to be like a "human." Years went on. Researching every day. Little sleep, working all night. When finally...his devoted time and effort, had came. He created his life's creation. A robot girl. A robot like human. Only scientists would call a "miracle."

But, even if this was his creation, even though this robot girl can do tasks beyond human. The scientist felt, and saw, that the robot girl was missing something. Something that couldn't be created easily by man. Something humans would call, a "heart." With little time left, the scientist began to work. He began to create a program.

As time goes on, his life got shorter, and shorter. The robot girl didn't understand. "What is it that you are trying to build master?" she asked the scientist. The scientist stared at her with sorrowful eyes and said, "One day...Just one day, you will see...just wait for it...and you will understand."

Those where his last word to his creation.

The program hat begun to install, the robot girl had "received" her HEART. She tried to comprehend the program that was left, but too much was being gather. She began to tremble, tears began to run down her eyes, her HEART began to beat. She began to realize, her true reason for being created.

"He must have been sad, being all alone like this...I wasn't created for mankind's reason, I was created for his life...He was all alone...Sad...It must have been painful Master...It was truly a miracle being put onto this world. Thank you, thank you for creating me. Thank you for all the time we have spent together. Thank you for giving me my HEART. Thank you for everything you have done for me. Thank you...! I will keep living until my was truly a miracle...Thank you."

Singing her final words, the robot girl began to malfunction. Falling upon the ground, she lays there. Lifelessly. But upon her face there was a smile. She smiled happily, like an angel.
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 I remember a time. A time and place of where we were together. I didn't need any more nor did I need more. I had all I needed. 
Until...that day....Everything was destroyed. My hopes to live. My reasons. My heart. soul. Everything went down into the drain like it was nothing.
"Why you?" I always asked. Everything. Why...I need you most! When you were my everything! Couldn't it have been someone else?? Why....? I kept everything far away from me. I was left alone. No one loved me. Forgotten by humans. All of my world was colorless...

Everything hurts. It's dark here. I'm scared. I'm alone...come back....please...

"What kind of place is it like there? Have you arrived there yet? And when you do, write back to me." I say to you. For you, a whole new world is opening. The doors widen and you're moving far ahead of me. It would be wonderful if my voice and prayers reached you. There is no other color just like you. You're bright, vivid. And beautiful. An admirable color.

But somehow, that loving color of mine and yours has somehow became a painful one to my eye. It's dull. Meaningless. And has no meaning. It's almost sad; it's as it's parting me from you. My ordinary life used to be filled with crimson. What was so crimson? Love. Graceful love that I had received from you. It was beautiful and dark that you gave to me, the graceful love lifted my heart and life.

Even though you're not here anymore and everything pains me. I can still believe, somewhere far away, you and I can still meet one more. Days go on painfully. Slowly, but surely, we can move on and still be who we were and are. When the door closes, I'll get used to be apart from you. Your gentle smile will become the radiant sun. Smokse of you will become the cloud that soon becomes rain.

My ordinary life that was attached with crimson has become something painful to me now. The dull, colorful crimson was your love. Our graceful love.

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     Today was the day was the 11th of October. I looked at the calendar and remember the special day that occurred today. It was the day where I got to really express myself more than often. The day was still clear as I can recall to this day.
“Mira, hurry otherwise you’ll be late for school today! Get along and hurry for the bus now.” Mom shouted from the kitchen.
“I know, I know Mom. I’m going!” I shouted as I ran past the kitchen. Just before heading out, she comes running after me and asks 
“Mira, what about your breakfast?!” I looked at her, and instantly she knew I didn’t have time. She responded back, “Here is your lunch. Make sure you eat all of it Mira.”
“I know Mom,” I hugged her before leaving and continued “I’m off now!”
Running off to school since I missed my bus, I begun to run like my life depended on it. There is no way I’m going to make it to school on time at this rate. Why does school have to be so far away from home?!  Without paying attention of where I was going I bumped into something making the result of me hitting the ground hard with a scratch to my elbow and legs.
“Are you alright ?!” a voice shouted from above. I gazed up and to see the blinding light hit into my eyes. 
“Y – yeah,” covering my eyes from the bright sunlight I see a hand reach out from nowhere. As an act of kindness, I take the hand that reached out to me. “Sorry about that,” I said once getting on my feet “Didn’t mean to run into you. Was rushing to school.”
“Ah, no, it’s cool. I should be apologizing. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was riding my bike.” The voice said gently to me. I looked around and saw a bike on the floor with a bag of books and school supplies. Taking consideration, I look up to see who the kind boy was. His brown hair was short and wavy like, but it was also a spike style. His gentle emerald eyes gaze gently upon me. His face was an adult like face, but was sweet and caring. Everything about him would be what girls would call “Prince charming”. 
“Oh, is that so,” hiding my red face from him “I uh guess I should get going. Well, uh see you.”  Without giving a final thanks, I took of instantly with my bags and books. Having a tug back from my arm I turn to see what was holding onto me. It was the boy.
“If you want,” he says looking at my cuts on my leg and elbow “I’ll give you a ride to school on my bike. Just hop on the back of the back seat.”
“Oh no! I couldn’t! I’ll be—”
“You’ll be late at this rate if you run. Come on,” he grabs my arm and forces me to ride the bike with him “better hold on tight.”
“Okay…” I turn flourish red happy that he isn’t able to see my face. Within an instant, the motion of the bike begins to move faster than I imaged. Scared, I clutched to his waist. I was pretty sure I heard a soft chuckle from him. This is awkward; I should start a conversation or something I thought to myself. So without thinking, I blurted out loud to him “What’s your name?!” and then, regretting it I hid my face in his back knowing that was a stupid way to start the conversation with anyone.
“Hahaha, is this an awkward situation for you?” he gently said to me turning his face towards me. Without being able to respond, I hid my face once more from him. He laughs once more, and answers back to me “Kyo.”
“Kyo…what a nice name…” Blushing I close my eyes and held onto him through the whole rid to school. Not a single word came from both of us from there.
Reaching school, I thank him and begin to run off to class. He shouts back to me “What about your cuts?! You should at least head to the nurse office first!”
“These aren’t anything to worry about! These are just small scratches Kyo!” I shout at him and begin to run once more. Before heading into the main doors, Kyo shouts out to me one last time,
“Wait! I didn’t get your name!” 
Stopping at the door I turn to him softly saying from the other side, “My name is Mira,” I turn back around and shout to him “It’s nice to meet you Kyo!”

     With school ending for the day, I walk towards the nurse’s office to tend to my cuts, that I received.
“And this is the last of them?”
“Yeah,” I reply back to her “thank you.” I take my bags of books and walk out of the office. Heading out of the front door, I see Kyo waiting in front of the bike racks. He looks at me and smiles gently. Turning flourish red, I smile back at him, and begin to walk towards him. “Shouldn't you be at home by now Kyo?"
“Not really. I got free time after school. What about you? I thought all of the students were required to join a club?”
After school clubs…I’d rather not do them is what I wish for or so I thought to myself. “Yeah,” I said quietly “I’m in a few clubs here at school. Aren’t you going to join one Kyo?”
“Nah, not into any of the clubs the school has here. What clubs are you in?”
“Oh, just in the gardening, art, band, and literature clubs.” I reply back to him shyly. And begin to look around trying not to make contact with him. Nervous I said to him, “Well, I after go now. I need to meet up with the other members of the gardening club. So I’ll uh talk to you later Kyo?”
“Of course,” he smiles at me “I think I’ll start heading home now, so I’ll see you tomorrow Mira!” He begins to get on his bike and move away. Before he’s a few feet away, he suddenly stops and turns to me and asks “Can I have your number? Though, I know that maybe…a weird question of me to ask of you…”
Turning flush red at him, I look down towards the ground and nod my head slowly. Exchanging numbers with each other he takes off and waves back. Shouting “I’ll be sure to text you tonight if possible okay Mira?!”
I wave back at him and stand there until I can no longer see his body figure. Heading towards the gardening club, I hurry with the daily routines of my club activities. Smiling through for the rest of the day.
Reaching home, it’s now 21:25 and I begin homework after a few minutes of resting from the long day of school work. When suddenly my phone received a text message from someone. None other was it Kyo who sent it. “You doing homework now?” I gaze upon the message and reply back “I’m about to just start, what about you? Did you finish yours?” After a few minutes of no respond from him, I drag myself back into homework. And for the rest of the night, he didn’t respond back.

Waking up from a brand new day, my phone rings. Incoming call was from Kyo. Should I hang up on him? I thought to myself Nah, I really shouldn’t…That seem kind of mean just because he didn’t respond back to me. I answer the phone and comes out a loud “GOOOOOD MORRRNING MIRA! I wasn’t sure when to call you, so I just took a random guess of when to call you. You usually up by this time?”
I laugh aloud to him and say, “Usually, yeah, I’m always wide awake by now. What about you Mr. Energetic Kyo? You always this energetic about school and waking up this time of day?”
“Ahaha, depends on how you want to see it. Now, open your window. I want you to see something.”
“Is this something you want me to see a thing I want to really look at?” I ask a bit nervous of what I’m going to be looking at.
“It’s nothing scary or bad Mira! Come on, open your window. It’ll be something memorable for you.” Believing in him, I walk towards my window. Pushing the curtains away from my window comes at me is the blinding sun that rises usually about now when waking up. I say back to him on the phone, “Okay,” covering my eyes “what is it that I am supposed to be look at now?” He softly laughs on the phone and replies back, “Do you see it? The tangy orange that radiates on the plain world? The soft round object that hits your eyes, making your soul and heart— ”
“Feel warmth within…” I whisper aloud on the phone. Astonished by the scenery that was in front of me, I couldn’t but help realize for the first time of the beauty the world had on the sky for me. With no words to say, Kyo calls my name 
“Y – yes Kyo…?” The silence hits after I respond back to him. After a few minutes of no answer, I tried to break the silence that was between me and Kyo. But with nothing coming into mind, we both just stayed in line with nothing to say to each other. After a while, Kyo said something. But I couldn’t hear, so I asked him to repeat it once more.
“Oh, it was nothing,” he says aloud and happily on the other end, “I’ll catch you at school Mira!”
“Yeah! I’ll see you at school Kyo!” and we hung up on each other. Gazing at my phone then looking back up at the sky, I take hold of my phone and hold it upwards towards the “soft round object” that Kyo referred to as and took the wonderful picture of it. Sending a message to Kyo, I write to him, “Thanks for showing this to me. It was a wonderful sight for me to see.” Attaching the image with it, I send the message to Kyo. In an instant, he replies back with “: ) you’re welcome Mira. See you at school.” And smile happily at his text and begin to get ready for the new day at school.
“Hey Mira, did you do that math problems from the text? 86-93? Were we supposed to skip any problems?”
“Yeah. We were supposed to skip 91 and 92. Did you do those problems on accident again Kel?”
“Awh man! I knew it! I should have texted you before I started it. Man…wasted efforts on two stupid math problems! I should have just wrote it down like the teacher told us to do.”
“Awh come on! It’s more practice for you Kel.” I patted him on the back making him feel better. He turns at me and smiles happily. After a few minutes, the teacher walks in signaling another school day has begun. The teacher begins to lecture, when suddenly my phone vibrates in my bag. I usually don’t get messages during the day on school. Mom and dad know better than to text me. But…what if it’s not mom and dad? What if it’s…Kyo? Nah, he would know better than to send messages during the school days. I thought to myself. But, what if it is mom and dad…I should just check in case. Taking a risky chance, I open my bag while the teacher is looking away. Flipping open my phone, I read the sender’s name Kyo and thought I was seeing things when really in reality, it really did say Kyo. 
“Come to the library. There is something I want to give you.” 
I thought he was crazy, so I replied back to him “Kyo! Class is going on at the moment. Can it wait for later?”
He replies back with “LOL No, it cannot wait. Please?” Closing my phone instantly, I look around hoping no one saw or heard anything from me. The happy feeling wanted me to go and see what he was going to give me. The other good girl feeling wanted me to say and not go see Kyo. But of course, without thinking, I raised my hand, and said to the teacher “C-can I go use the restroom?” Looking at me funny, the teacher nods her head slowly at me and continues with the lecture. 
Slowly walking towards the library, I see Kyo standing in there. Opening the door, I walk in. He turns around, showing his big gentle smile. I smile back at him. Walking towards me, he hugs me. I turned a bit red about the sudden hug unsure if I was supposed to hug him back during something like this. After a few moments, he lets go of me and takes my heads. Heading towards the chalk board, he suddenly stops and gives me a small box. Surprised, I look at him confused.
“What’s this?”
“Something for you.”
Looking at him, I slowly take the box, and open it up. “Oh my god…Kyo this is…” surprised, I look closely at the pendent that was in the box. Slowly taking it out, the blue gem pendent shines through to my soul. The kind color, the shape, and the crystal were everything I so could have wanted as a pendent. Confused, I look up and ask Kyo.
“Wait…what is this for? Are you—”
“I know it’s nothing special, and kind of sudden…but, Mira,” he looks downward to the floor “Will you…go on a date with me…?”
Unable to answer, I hold grip onto the pendent and look at him. With lost feelings going everywhere. I just stand there. With the silence of nothingness, I nod my head and whisper to him, “Y – yes. I will…” and clutch onto the pendent proudly. He hugs me and holds onto me proudly like I’m his jeweled treasure itself. 
But not all of that lasted forever. After a few weeks, he descended away with natural causes. It was said he had a tumor that was too late to tend to the tumor build up. 11th of October. The day where Kyo passed away. The last message I received from him was a sad one. I didn’t want to believe it, but without knowing what was going on I can only cry about it every day. But I can smile about it every day too. “Mira, were you happy?” and replying back to Kyo I sent “I was very happy.”


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