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 I walk towards the city
Brightly color scene from above
The hand which should be fastened to mine, 
Has now escaped from my hand.
The time we met, my heart resounded
Feeling the warmth of your embrace,
The traces of your smell, begin to fade away
Within the dream, are repeated voices
Letting emotions be snatched by the darkness
Until then, I'll wipe away my tears and smile
For all this time, just this once, I'll wait for you
Moving quickly from that time
Our backs touching each other,
We gazed up into the sky, with the stars floating
Gently enveloping us in gentleness
Countless fragments of memory,
Were lost that day,
The shape of memories, do not fade even from my sleep
Began to vanish to the ends of the night sky
The overflowing feelings, begin to soar
Painting the sky in a sorrowful hue
But within my hear; the flaming desire exists
For just this once, I want to see you.

The flowers begin to bloom, the seasons changes but,
I am presently inside a dream
Until then, I'll wipe away my tears and smile
For all this time, just this once, I'll wait for you
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 いつでも眠たい 客に起こされる
マケられないから 店は定価がセオリー
カメムシが あっち こっち どっち
乾いたFFの品 硬い肉まん
いつでも開いてる 客を選べない
忘れられないから コタツ持ってきたオヤジ
ならば2度揚げしちゃえば 僕の思い通り
エラーがピピピ やらかしたやらかした
まだレジは 横にあるから
Itsu demo nemutai kyaku ni okosa reru
Make rarenaikara mise wa teika ga seorī
Famichiki wa shushoku ni narenai
Naraba hitoaji kake chaeba boku no konomi-dōri
Zutto reji de mi teru yo
Bakkuyādo wa makaseta
Hidari kara migi e to
Kamemushi ga atchi kotchi dotchi
Kimi (dōryō) wa doko ni iru no?
Kyūkei mada sakidesho
Īkagen ni jimusho kara
Dete koi to botan renda
Kawaita FF no shina katai nikuman
`Nande suteru!?'
Nante (Haiki) jikan kita kara ni kima~tsu tenjan
Soredemo kyaku kara kurēmu
Konai yō ni reigi tadashiku
Mazuwa sasaina aisatsu toko kara
/ Irasshaimasē\
Itsu demo hirai teru kyaku o erabenai
Wasure rarenaikara kotatsu motte kita oyaji
Famipote wa sugu ni shiore chau
Naraba 2-do age shi chaeba boku no omoidōri
Erā ga pipipi yarakashita yarakashita
Son'nani kire nai de
Mada reji wa yoko ni arukara
Ato 5-fun Iya
10-fun matte te
I'm always sleepy, a customer cannot wake me
A profit is crucial, therefore I shall not lose
If my main diet cannot be fried chicken,
Then I'll just need to add some spice into it
Watching you from the cash register,
Leave the backyard to - Oh, you already did ?
From Left to Right,
The stink bugs pop up ( Here, There, Here, and there ! )
Where are you in this world ( Soul mate ) ?
When will my paid holiday be here ?
" You better come out and work ! "
Combo attacks from the office are deadly
Dried up, one day sale items, and hardened meat
" Why are you throwing those away ? "
The time ( expiration date ) is past, DUH !
But even so, I'm trying my best
So I do not get any customer complaints
Everything started with a friendly approach
"WELCOME" ( Give me fried chicken, PLEASE ~ )
We're open 24 hours, but we cannot choose our customers
I'll never forget that one time,
when the old man brought his *kotatsu to the store
Potato chips always dry up too quickly,
So lets just fry them twice like I've already said
The error goes BEEP ! BEEP ! BEEP !
Darn it, there goes the cash register
Please do not lose your temper
There is another one on the other side
So please give me 5 . . .
Wait no ! 10 minutes, please !


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