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HEY GUYS! I haven't posted on here for a long time have I? =w =);;; Last post was 7th of Aug. which was like...a while back. BUT though I just come and post something random, YEAH? 8D; //slapped

lol but like seriously =v =) I need to start posting on here more often. Rwarrrrrrrrr the thing is I don't know what to post now a days...aside from today that is lol Tumblr was down for a bit and I couldn't log into twitter for a bit either so I though I' drop by here and say I'M ALIVE AND WELL (kind of)...Been on Tumblr and MAL (MyAnimeList) for the past..IDK days now LOL; orz

Maybe I'll post some random poem or cheesy story I think of LOL; (>w> I still need to get You and Beautiful World story done lol...) ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ I really need to get on my summer reading though LOL school starts in like...a week and half now? ono? About and I'm not even half way through done otl I'm sure I'll bs read it a few days before I go to school LOL

But aahh (。´∀`)ノ I'm going to be a sophomore this year...I'd rather be a senior tbh though LOL //slapped But on the bright side, >w<)/ We'll be holding my 2nd oldest brother's graduation party next summer! *A* MY UNCLES AND AUNTIES AND COUSINS WILL BE COMING TOO AND IT'LL BE FUN AND ALL DAT FANCY STUFF! But ono I'll be getting my permit that same summer I believe. eue I get to drive soon kufufufu //slapped

(ノ´∀`*)ノ I might start working next fall too! Or this fall since my bday is coming up in like...two months. =v =)b 16 yrs old AWH YEAH *cries* lol I'm getting TOO old!

*A* THAT REMINDS ME! We got a new bird yesterday. It was a budgiee...that was like...idk how old, but it is very young. ono Too young to tell it's gender. But, then again we don't even know our current two bird's gender itself 8D; SO MEH LOL It's a blue fancy budgiee. Very shy and cute and *A* BRIGHT COLOR OF WHITE AND BLUE <33 (*≧▽≦) It's so cute!! We decided to name it Sapphire because of it's color. Then we have one named Ken, and the oldest, Birdie... =v =); Don't ask why the oldest is named Birdie...But *w* I think Sapphire is a GIRL, so I call it a "she" LOL I think we plan to get another bird that's blue so Sapphire isn't so lonely because the other two are just plain mean to her ono

(ノ´ー`)ノ I don't know what else to write on this post now lol I think I might come back on later to write cheesy stories or poems later on but not sure atm.


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