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Nov. 10th, 2012 12:11 pm
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When was the last time I touched this oh my lord... 8'D;;; HIIIIII GUYYSSS GJWEIOGJWERIOGJ #CRIES Yea. Okay =q =);; I've been busy and things have been gjiorjio with me at home and onlineeeeeee sooooooooo~~~ Explains why I haven't been blogging or posting a lot 8D;; orz Buuttt, yea..... =q =);; sorry guys. School is piling up, and stuff at home is getting to me AAANNNNDDDDD I'm just ;n; Worried about peps...So I'm just a bit LFJWAEIOGWERIOGJQWEIO atm and idk when I'll be back to normal ;n;) But, I'll continue to make videos 8D; that's for sure....and maybe tweet every once and a while....and lurk on YouTube and Nico Douga....and...yeaaaaa....orz

New Chorus Mix PSSHAWWWW:『 アンサー 』合唱【 6人+1 】

Hopefully I get the video out todayyyy otherwise...later this week LOOOL; orz

You guys remember the virgin suicides chorus preview I mixed and uploaded onto YouTube... =w=);; Well...it's up now 8D for like..almost a whole week now. BUT YEA PSSHHAAWWWW!!!!

『virgin suicides』合唱【 5人男 ver.】

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I'm afk (away from keyboard) so....If you follow me on twitter or got any other ways of contact from me 8D I'm going to be afk for about two hours =v=)/ I'll see y'all back at ten o'clock guys <3
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ono) So I decided to take time and try out the Vocaloid Otaku forum for a try. It looks nice and friendly and all...maybe I can meet people? Idk lol but I hope and pray that I'll be active and try to interact in that forum 8D;;;

||orz I'm never good when it comes to these kind of things.

o^o) But hey, speaking of which, I should put up the other songs and things onto here. But first! FOOD *Q*)/


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