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So o wo instead of studying and to avoid being all emotionally broken and all that, I decided to mix Houkago Stride! I know there are some awkward volumes there and here but I'm going to mix this differently this time and see how it turns out. If I like it owob I'll upload it if not...well I'll probably upload it any ways LOL //slapped


Jan. 20th, 2013 01:47 pm
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It's been awhile has it not :'D;; sorry for not updating a lot guys. I'm not good at these kind of things LOL;; orz #corner

But hey! Recently I uploaded Souzou Forest (Imagination Forest) chorus! =w=; Not the /BEST/ mix but hey ='D It's getting better..ish...orz

And since I was planning to mix the piano version too, I have the box link right here~ >>
Hopefully video will be up before I go back to school...At least if I'm motivated to do it //slapped

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I know lol;; I suck at blogging. I'm trying though :'D

Light Fade

Dec. 29th, 2012 03:39 pm
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 Is it bad that I fell in love with you again?

It can't be right? I mean, you are the one drawing me to love you again.

I thought I got over these feelings, but I guess not.


My heart can only think of you.

My mind is always wanting you.

I'm always waiting for you to come.

I'm just wanting you again.


Is that bad?


I know I shouldn't fall in love with you, but even so

my feelings cannot be contained. 

It's everything about you that is drawing me back again.

I know I shouldn't fall in love with you, but you're making all these feelings come back.

And you're making it more easier to fall in love with you each time we talk.


I want to be more closer to you.

Even though our distances are far, I know our minds and hearts aren't.

But even so, I know you're in love with someone else.

I know you love her too, but sometimes I want to question; would you have wanted to go out with me?


Selfish? Greedy? Arrogant? Ironic?

Call what you want, but no matter what, I'll always have these feelings for him.

I don't want them gone because it's these feelings that are keeping us tied.


No matter what happens, I want to keep you with me.

Stay by my side, and hear me when no one else can.


I don't want you to disappear yet. 

Not yet.

At least, not right now.

Stay forever.

And never leave me.

Is that too much to ask?


We started with a simple "Hello"

and I don't want to end with a hurtful "Goodbye"


Your voice soothes everything in me.

My pain.

My feelings.

My heart.

My soul.


I want you to stay.


Even if you don't want to accept these feelings of mine, that's okay. matter what, I just want to keep things the way they are now.


So I'll ask again.

Is it bad that I fell in love with you again?

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o7o Yooo long has it been...Weeks? Months? 8D;; orz

; 7; Sorry, I guess blogging isn't just my forte guys LOOL //slap I TRY OKYA Q7Q AT LEAST GIVE ME CREDIT FOR AN ATTEMPT TO UPDATE THIS EVERY...15 WEEKS 8D;; OTZ #corner

But yea ovo Winter break~! o7o don't know if I'll be on or not /probablywillbeorz/ Buttttt I'll see if I can be on and get going on uploading some choruses down o^o aggeesss since I mixed one and I attempted today again after a few weeks. Got to say, this is probably somewhat the worst mix I've ever EVER done orz ;7; Rusty but I'll get back into the system lol

Chorus Preview

Been wanting to make a chorus of this for a while...It's a bit MEEEHHH but lol I'm old and rusty from not mixing for a few weeks ovo Preview video should be up, HOPEFFFULLLYY video full mixed and animated will be up this week 070;; sometime...I think. |D IDK


Nov. 25th, 2012 04:54 pm
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 I'm going through my older posts on here, and oh my god LOL Such cheesiness in them lol orz
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I sometimes wonder. Why do we cry? Logically you can prove it with all the cool science stuff and all.
Haven’t you ever just wonder, “Why do I cry for this?”
“What is making me cry??”

It’s always been a question of what and why.
But what if we ask “how?”

“How did these tears get here?”
“How does this make me cry?”
“How come this just hurts?”

Ever tried that? Aha, I haven’t either.

Sometimes when we cry, humans always cry on the outside.
Which is more noticeable than how others cry.
And it’s nice to cry on their face because then they can have the comfort they want and need.

What about those who…cry inside??
It’s harder to notice of course, and humans tend to ignore it more easily.

“Tears aren’t coming from my eyes, so why am I crying?”

In my opinion, humans are emotionally unstable every day.
Yeah sure we laugh and smile, can those be what we call “tears”?
True I maybe thinking about this too much.

But think about it. Ever had that one friend who looks sad and hurt as heck, and you ask them “Are you okay?”
“Is everything okay?”
Sometimes if we’re lucky we get people to tell them what’s weighing their hearts down to make them cry.

But then, there are those who can pretend everything is fine.

“Yeah, everything is fine! Don’t worry about it.”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll be fine.”

It’s understandable if they want to keep them a secret or its very personal.
I’m like that because its personal to me and I’d rather not bother people with my problems.

Sometimes people like me are crying in front of others.
Not noticeable tears, but the tears within us.

It’s hard and lonesome when we cry alone.
It’s painful to cry inside and for no one to notice them.
And it makes it hard to keep those happy tears with the sad tears we cry.

So, next time someone is sad or hurt and they won’t tell you why,
Just hug them and say “It’s alright to cry now. I’m listening to you.”

It could really make those tears of lies disappear from their inside.

Try it.

I know I want someone like that for me.
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Yep. Don't ask why I did this. I just...wanted to do it. Though it wasn't on my to do list for making chorus I just...wanted the--Idk. lol I just wanted to 8D 
ouo I just saw a video for the male version come out with Len's version append. AND there was a Rin version BAM mash-up //shot
original: GUMI「sm16205143」
music & lyrics & arrangement: shito×Gom (HoneyWorks)
guitar: 海賊王 《mylist/29593066》
piano:Wato 《mylist/10355555》
初恋の絵本 -男性視点ver-
original: りもこん《user/8889186》
mix: Cheap《user/288003》
illustration: S倉様〈id=1709353〉
video: mallory《mylist/9640252》
mix & video & encode: シナノ《mylist/33626265》

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Hii ヾ(´・ω・`) Welcome to Shinano's simplicity of animation and ugly mixing. Enjoy.
Hi guys. Soooo ouo I've been wanting to mix a chorus of Answer for a long time AND TA-DA~!! Here we are 8D I know, it's not the best mix, but it'll do looooool. I didn't really feel like making the video anymore complex than it already was /OAOITWASCOMPLEXINTHEFIRSTPLACEWUT sooooo yeaaaaa....I'll probably regret this late LOL JUST WATCH OTZ
original: 巡音ルカ「sm18458368」
music & lyrics: Dixie Flatline 《mylist/4193884》
illustration & movie: モゲラッタ 《mylist/22088435》
translation (English): 蛍石
・YouTube ⇒ 〔
mix & encode: シナノ《mylist/23428231》

o n o

Nov. 10th, 2012 12:11 pm
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When was the last time I touched this oh my lord... 8'D;;; HIIIIII GUYYSSS GJWEIOGJWERIOGJ #CRIES Yea. Okay =q =);; I've been busy and things have been gjiorjio with me at home and onlineeeeeee sooooooooo~~~ Explains why I haven't been blogging or posting a lot 8D;; orz Buuttt, yea..... =q =);; sorry guys. School is piling up, and stuff at home is getting to me AAANNNNDDDDD I'm just ;n; Worried about peps...So I'm just a bit LFJWAEIOGWERIOGJQWEIO atm and idk when I'll be back to normal ;n;) But, I'll continue to make videos 8D; that's for sure....and maybe tweet every once and a while....and lurk on YouTube and Nico Douga....and...yeaaaaa....orz

New Chorus Mix PSSHAWWWW:『 アンサー 』合唱【 6人+1 】

Hopefully I get the video out todayyyy otherwise...later this week LOOOL; orz

You guys remember the virgin suicides chorus preview I mixed and uploaded onto YouTube... =w=);;'s up now 8D for like..almost a whole week now. BUT YEA PSSHHAAWWWW!!!!

『virgin suicides』合唱【 5人男 ver.】

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 o 7o; How long has it been since I've posted on here last...? IDK 8D;; AGES LOOL;; orz Sorry about not posting guys ; 7 ; Amg, I have so many new poems and stuff, but I haven't had the time to actually come on and like...type them on here LOL!; OTL I've just been caught up in homework and school work and family issues...and...other weird bull sh*t  ; 7 ; I'm managing...somehow. ovo Surprised I haven't like...murder myself because of the lack of I sleep I'm getting 8D; lol

ovo Buut, thought I'd post something useful LOL; So here 8D *shoves*

 Not too long ago Nico Nico Douga (ニコニコ動画)released their official English site! That's right! The English version of Nico Nico Douga has finally arrived!      

     There are a lot of new features such as allowing you to enable or disable the download link to and from Nico Sounds! The website format has changed dramatically! Users who were used to the Japanese version only of Nico Douga can switch back to the original style if you prefer that format, but if you wish to use the English Format of Nico Douga, sorry but you'll have to adjust to the new format and settings on Nico Douga as I will too.      

     You are now able to recommend videos! A bit like YouTube homepage where they'll recommend videos based on what you watch. But on Nico the format is a bit different. I would go into details, but I'll allow you guys get into that!   

     Also! A very cool feature that Nico Douga has is if you speak Japanese (fluently or decently to understand) they'll allow you to translate the videos! It is a really cool feature for the non-Japanese speakers. What this feature does is, lets say a Nico Singer uploads a cover, and of course they'll naturally say what they want in the description box. And all you non-Japanese native speakers don't know what they're saying in the description box aside from all the basic such as Mylist, Mix, lyrics, etc etc. What this features allows other users to translate the content into English or Japanese (if the content is an English native speaker). A really nice feature, but do keep in mind not ALL videos of Japanese contents will be in English. Only if users are willing to do it, then it will be.     

    There are some features that have remained the same (as far as I can see) you can still edit tags like originally, add videos to MyList, check your favorites and watchers and more. They're tried to keep everything from the Japanese version and just move it into the English version of Nico Douga. Along with just a few new features on the English.

     In case you guys haven't seen or checked it out! I recommend you do that! It's a very wonderful to English speakers (Especially in the USA) Still the same URL, , depending where you live Nico Douga should be able to find your location and change to English. IF NOT, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on " 言語 " and change into "English (US)". Now of course as I said before, if you prefer the original format then by all means go and stay with it. But the original format may or may not show for all, I'm unsure if it does still show for all


Oct. 13th, 2012 09:14 am
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I freakin hate people who lie and back stab me. And rat me out like a b*tch. They are the reason why I am me. So the b*tches that do that to me, I wish you died and I wish I never trusted you in the first place.
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Once upon a time, long ago
There was a lone star, at the edge of this sky
Just like this world we are now on
It's a place that was teeming with life

But the people were then desiring too much and slowly
The breath of life that their world once had, was stopped and extinguished

A long, long period has then passed me by
And I suddenly heard
It was your voice, it was your voice
Faintly, it called out to me

I have evolved into a bird
And for long distances I continued to journey
A thousand stars I have traversed
To reach the place where you are

My body is burning out
Yet even if it is reduced to mere ashes
My heart will still conquer through time
And soar to our promised place...for you

Even if I eventually lose my precious memories
Even if there is no audience to my fading existence

A long long period has then passed me by
And I finally arrived
On our star, on our star
Where you continued to wait...for me

Why don't we give this place we're in the same name
Same as the world where you and I have been born oh

In order for life in this world
To be born once more, to continue to thrive
Our two hearts have become one
Enclosed in a glittering light

We swear never to err once more
Never to repeat the sins of before
And my song of love will go on
As I forever sing for this world
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;;A;; NOOOOOO WHAT HAPPEN TO THE VOCALS ON HERE?! VEGAS LIKE...BUTCHERED IT OR SOMETHING NOOOOO *CRIES* TAT Welp, ono No way I'm re-rendering this //slapped TAT)9 Hey, if you complain about it, don't blame me. It sounded nice with headphones on, and...well, idk. Just shush and listen to the quite beauty of this chorus. 
But like ouo) Yo, long see? 8D Ahaha not sure I should say THAT but yea, I haven't uploaded awhile \o\ Aside from my little test animation lol. Sooo, I had this chorus planned out a while back. BUUTT I was waiting for Firefly Chorus to update their description. It took a bit loooooooooooooonger than expected but that's okay~ We're all busy ovo)/ No need to hate about it. I came up with this idea because of Firefly's BEAUTIFUL job well done on this song *A* So I thought, might as well make one right BD /omoIblameyouguysforthis*jk*/
This was going to be a BIGGER chorus....but ( =v=); That didn't work out as well...So I had to cut back on some singers and this is what I got. Now there are other yt choruses /euelikethemanchorusversion/ with another. I was thinking maybe of adding one of the NND chorus, buuttt~ let's share the love for the youtaites. Yeah? OvO)b
Watch in HD and listen with headphone *^*)9 But uh 8D Make sure the volume isn't like full blasted or it might kill your ears like it did with mine LOL otl
I uh...just realized I forgot to put コゲ犬 's name in the video 8D;; Oops. QuQ)9 Kogeinu is in this too! I don't know why this didn't catch my attention earlier though |D

orginal: GUMI 「sm15230821」
music & lyrics: 40mP 《mylist/7975931》
illustration & movie : たま《mylist/8994160》
mastering : madamxx《mylist/6063263》 
vocals: GUMI, あにま, ENE, 松下, Φ串Φ, クノール, ぱにょ,  まふまふ, コゲ犬, ham, 暗黒,  ステラ, Gin, Shiroko,  ジンヒー, Amour, miyu, Tohru, 甘いと, menolly, ななみ, Uta, Rimi, ying, Skylark, アポル, こうせい, Kyo, List, Xephy, AELITA, 藍微,  カレット, Cherri, Chiika, ehmz, カゴ, k*chan, ケンタ, Luna, Mara, Michi, Nami, 秋記
mix & video & encode: シナノ《mylist/33626265》
ouo)/ Down below are the YouTube choruses I used in this chorus.
【16人】 firefly ★ garden  【シリョクケンサ / Shiryokukensa】
【6男合唱】 シリョクケンサ 【Happy Birthday, Kuri~n!】
Mixing Assist/Script: Katie (
Script/Messages: Ritz (
Art (Vocalists): Razephyr (
Video/Art (Misc/Staff)/Script: Kenta (
シリョクケンサ/ Eye Examination【14人+1コラボ】
Organized/Video: Kenta
Mix/Graphic Editting: Kchan
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ANOKOKU-SAN LIKE HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVEN THOUGH LIKE WE DON'T TALK AT ALL *cries in forever alone corner* AND LIKE LIKE HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND EVERYTHING. Sorry I couldn't have mixed a proper chorus for you ; v; Due to stupid school I didn't have a lot of time to do a good mix. Hope the volume and everything on here is okay |D I had to go by ear and rush on this. So ; 7 ; Hope you like this!
This is the little cricket from a far saying 
Birthday Girl! GO SUB HER BV

original: 鏡音 レン、鏡音リン、巡音ルカ、KAITO、MEIKO 「sm18396337」
(∩´ω`∩) It's on here YouTube too! 『
movie: llcheesell / Tatsuro Ogta〈mylist/5283681〉
music & lyrics: Mitchie M〈mylist/26375614〉
character modeling: kasokuSato
character animation: Hiromu Konno
composite & animation: Ryuka
logo & typography: Hibiki
animation actor: Futa
vocals: 鏡音 レン、鏡音リン、巡音ルカ、KAITO、MEIKO、エコ、くれこ、白霧、アヲヰ、かきおこ祭、エンコード:ぶら、あおい、��恭一郎、530、halyosy
mix & video & encode: シナノ〈mylist/33626265〉
⇓ ⇓ ⇓

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=v=);; I've just been caught up with school work and everything that I haven't had time to post on here often....FFFF--Actually in reality I've just been lazy to post on here LOLOLOL //slapped and shot ; v ; But no like, I have been busy. 8D I've posted some of the choruses I've mixed and posted on here. But like I haven't posted any poems, stories, or like ovo; updates / blog of my life 8DD eve; I'll get that going on again lol It would be a better effect if I had like a webcam or like a digital camera to take pictures to show you guys the stupid doodles I do at school during class when I feel like not paying attention to the teacher BD Smart person here, Ikr. AND YET I continue to question myself ono How do I do so well in school yet bs everything and not really pay attention during class lectures and doodle away in my notes LOOOOL BD ovo; Idk, I'm a weirdo like that guys lol BD YEP. THE BIGGEST BSER YOU'LL EVER FIND AND YET SOMEONE THAT PASSES HER CLASS LIKE IT'S NOTHING. Messed up person I am here ovo)b GJWIOGJWEIO but like uhmmmmmmmm yea getting back to topic of the line BV

But like during the doodles, I sometimes write poems and stories in my binders when I really don't pay attention =v=; man you guys should see my American History notebook. OMG. It's filled with so much scribbles of my signatures and doodles and like IDK ANYMORE LOL Plus, you guys know waaaayyy back on that one post, that I do not remember when I posted on, where I said I was planning to write "You and A Beautiful World" story BD AWH YEAHHHHH!! That story is coming along...slowly orz ; v ;) I can't really put time at home to write the story because 1) I'm just plain, PLAIN, lazy to have self determination to do it and 2) >V I BLAME SCHOOL WORK //slapped

ouo) Sometimes if I actually do finish like a poem or super short story at school that I do when not paying attention, I'll post them here \o\ Even if they're private ovo I don't mind. >v>); I think I still have some from last year that I could probably post. And like others that I can dig through my piles of paper that are like SUPER old but like BD I'll find and post them on here. ovo I'm a sucky writer B( I KNOW THAT. But do keep in mind I'm a writer in progress. Sometimes I write on here to let out feelings from life. Like stress, sadness, joy, etc. etc. Generally I kind of don't care if it's private of my feelings. But if I feel like these updates / blogs are too private I won't post it of course B(

If during this week I can find those old stories / poems from last year and the years before, I'll post ;w; Though I'm sure not a lot of people read this blog BUT OH WELL *CHUCKS BOOKS AT THEM* This will get noticed...soon orz

ovo I just ranted didn't I? LOL That's another thing about me guys, I WILL RANT EVERYWHERE 8D If you follow me on Twitter, I rant so much that I even created bots to rant for me when I'm not on BWA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA! BD (Bleach reference here)
o vo yea, I know those bots are very weird if you follow me. (◕▽◕)o彡゚ That's why, GO FOLLOW ME //SHOT jk don't, I'm on private and I only allow certain people follow me if I know they're not spammers and.... ovo;; yeah lol

<(╹Д╹)/ Yeah I think that's enough ranting now lol But like expect (hopefully) posts and more updates in the future from me!
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O ^ O This is the results of boredom and spare time. Plus this is what happens when I've listened to a song for 5 billion times. And to be honest BD; I'm not sure if you would call this a chorus, that's why there is a question mark after 合唱 CUZ I HAVE NO CLUE IF YOU CALL THIS MIX OF MINE A CHORUS OR NOT 8'D O7O YOU ALL SAW THIS CHORUS / MIX COMING
o7o Uhm...yea, I think that's it.
original: GUMI ・鏡音リン 「sm18623327」
music & lyrics: みきとP @mikito_p_〈mylist/19099704〉
illustration: ヨリ @Yorimen〈mylist/21982659〉
movie: りゅうせー @ryuuseee〈mylist/7985102〉
engineer: 友達募集P @tomobop〈mylist/22904031〉
GUMI & 鏡音リン →「sm18623327」
kradness →「sm18666119」
松下 →「sm18677534」
ゆいこんぬ →「sm18728143」
エコ →「sm18667806」
そらる & ろん →「sm18813526 」
りせは&31(みぃち) →「sm18795800」
mix & video encode: シナノ @_Shinano_〈mylist/33626265〉
⇓ ⇓ ⇓

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; 7; You guys don't know how much I love this song <3I found out of this song from ume's version and oh my lord QwQ HOW MUCH I FELL IN LOVE THIS IS SAD / LOVELY / HEART MEANING / KIND / *insert other words here* TO DESCRIBE THIS QuQ And if you followed me on Twitter ovo I posted the full mix on there AND my blog BD So start stalking me (not really) if you want to hear more of future mixes when they're done /o/~ And there ar e no awkward volume issues ( e n o ) say there is and I'll....jab you with my unicorn because there really is one near the end ; 7; IT SOUNDED GOOD WITH HEADPHONES! D= HONEST. So that's why......GO LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES *^*)9!! AND WATCH IN HD!

original: 初音ミク 「sm16844849」
music & lyrics: Harry〈mylist/25784464〉
guitar: Yoshinobu Nakamura & Naoki Harashima
arrangement: KaiseiP
mix: YoP 〈mylist/25421336〉
illustration & movie: Rumina〈mylist/26765031〉
movie instruction & encord: ty-oi〈mylist/25500381〉

atU →『sm17075198』
ろめろ →『sm16867274』
KK →『sm16914730』
にっとメガ →『sm18498331』
初音ミク →『sm16844849』

mix & video & encode: シナノ〈mylist/33626265〉

*^*);; I forgot to link ume's version of this song

⇓ ⇓ ⇓

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QuQ But like yeah, so happy for this mix. I would go ask someone to mix this for me but currently I don't know anyone like that
(aside from me that is orz) ; 7;)/ so hopefully expect this to be out this week or next! But probably this week if I decide not to do homework //slapped

box link > ouo) Desu, click right here!


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