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 o 7o; How long has it been since I've posted on here last...? IDK 8D;; AGES LOOL;; orz Sorry about not posting guys ; 7 ; Amg, I have so many new poems and stuff, but I haven't had the time to actually come on and like...type them on here LOL!; OTL I've just been caught up in homework and school work and family issues...and...other weird bull sh*t  ; 7 ; I'm managing...somehow. ovo Surprised I haven't like...murder myself because of the lack of I sleep I'm getting 8D; lol

ovo Buut, thought I'd post something useful LOL; So here 8D *shoves*

 Not too long ago Nico Nico Douga (ニコニコ動画)released their official English site! That's right! The English version of Nico Nico Douga has finally arrived!      

     There are a lot of new features such as allowing you to enable or disable the download link to and from Nico Sounds! The website format has changed dramatically! Users who were used to the Japanese version only of Nico Douga can switch back to the original style if you prefer that format, but if you wish to use the English Format of Nico Douga, sorry but you'll have to adjust to the new format and settings on Nico Douga as I will too.      

     You are now able to recommend videos! A bit like YouTube homepage where they'll recommend videos based on what you watch. But on Nico the format is a bit different. I would go into details, but I'll allow you guys get into that!   

     Also! A very cool feature that Nico Douga has is if you speak Japanese (fluently or decently to understand) they'll allow you to translate the videos! It is a really cool feature for the non-Japanese speakers. What this feature does is, lets say a Nico Singer uploads a cover, and of course they'll naturally say what they want in the description box. And all you non-Japanese native speakers don't know what they're saying in the description box aside from all the basic such as Mylist, Mix, lyrics, etc etc. What this features allows other users to translate the content into English or Japanese (if the content is an English native speaker). A really nice feature, but do keep in mind not ALL videos of Japanese contents will be in English. Only if users are willing to do it, then it will be.     

    There are some features that have remained the same (as far as I can see) you can still edit tags like originally, add videos to MyList, check your favorites and watchers and more. They're tried to keep everything from the Japanese version and just move it into the English version of Nico Douga. Along with just a few new features on the English.

     In case you guys haven't seen or checked it out! I recommend you do that! It's a very wonderful to English speakers (Especially in the USA) Still the same URL, , depending where you live Nico Douga should be able to find your location and change to English. IF NOT, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on " 言語 " and change into "English (US)". Now of course as I said before, if you prefer the original format then by all means go and stay with it. But the original format may or may not show for all, I'm unsure if it does still show for all

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