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 Soo....yesterday my brothers and I were all going over about Steam's big summer deal off or whatever you call it XD! And They were like, "Oh hey, you want anything?" AND naturally I would have said no, but I wanted to check out what Steam had in store since they're going on their big summer sale 8D

Looking around, I was more into RPG (roleplaying game) and there were more released ones than the last time I check....or whenever I was last on Steam! xD So, I found a new RPG that I can play for free *w*)/ It's all purrty and everything BUT IDK IF MY COMPUTER CAN HANDLEIT LOL; BUt oh well, I love games like that (eve)

But then I decided to get a game off of Steam for like....$9.99 (USD) and oh I regret buying that. BUT 8D; I CAN'T TELL MY BROS THAT!!LOOOL ||orz But hey ;w; It's fun in a way...? I guess xD! It ain't that bad!

The game I got from Steam is called "Recettear" Basically it's an item shop. There is a girl name Recette, and she has to pay back herfather's loan. So she runs an item shop with the help of a fairy loaner named Tear. And throughout the game you get to sell items to peoplelike in real life. You get to set up the price and all the pretty thing. Quick screen shot.

Looks fun right? And easy? WELL, think again ;w;) It's not easy lol. It's very time consuming and critical thinking for this game and to behonest. I actually enjoy this a bit! XD Simple graphics and all, but it takes a lot of mind thinking too do. Once you set the price it's up to theconsumer if they'll go with your price selection or not. If not, you gotta lower it to their liking otherwise you loose them and money (ahem)>w>);; Of course, BD; I haven't beaten the game itself because I got "Game Over" cuz I didn't make it quite to pay off the first pay day 8D Oopslol. I was a bit short and all, but *^*)9 I'ma keep trying at it! It's very addicting.

Speaking of addicting games. I also got a cool music game software called "Audiosurff." And on man, SO MUCH FUN 8D!

Sadly, I can't really screen shot it because that would be a lot, but here is a quick vids to show you what's it about!

Now I'm pretty sure, some of you guys have notice the cute little rocket are going at different speeds on each of the songs. Well, how fast the cute little rocket goes really depends on the song choice you choose play. Up hill means it's pretty slow and all nice. Down hill, oh man, you're going to be going fast. Straight line, rare ocassions, just are nice calm song you got there. Now, of course, you can choose different levels on Audiosurf. But the most prefered ones are Mono, and the "Ninja" modes. There are a lot of other ones too, but these are the most recommended for new people for Audiosurf in my opinion lol.

The game is simple, fun, and colorful! If you're bored and got nothing else to do, go try out Audiosurf. You can listen and chill, while being interacted into a game! It's online game too, so you can brag about your scores to others who've also played your song! You can go buy the game for $9.99 (USD) on here! Or you can go buy it at the Steam store. It should have it there for the same price or lower since Steam is doing their Summer Sale!

These two games are for all ages! Fun and easy games. Not that quite expensive to get these games. Go try them out! Can't judge a book by it's cover! And somehow this became a game review xD! Oops, but oh well.


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